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Samsung Galaxy S8 - What we know so far .

Samsung is said to launch the successor to its S7 (and even the Note 7) this year . The phone ,also known as the Galaxy S8 after launch is set to bring new technologies and a new design based on the success and experience of Samsung's "Edge" display technology .

Rumored models 

Some rumors speculate that Samsung is said to launch two models of the smartphone - a smaller Galaxy S8 and a Galaxy S8 Plus model (cough cough ....) The two models are still said to very much similar with the exception of the S8 plus which is rumored to pack a Dual camera set up which was hinted by Samsung's own teasers which show a 8 in the form of  two camera lenses(Samsung recently purchased Israeli based Core Photonics camera  technology company which makes dual sensor systems)  .

Rumored Display

alleged prototype 

The display - which is said to be designed using the flowing edge designs of the past is said to pack the same resolution as previous models at - 2560x1440. The display size is said to be 5.5 -5.7" with two double edged curves and if two models exists , you can probably the larger one to have a resolution bump too . And as for the  fingerprint sensor under the display rumor ,we sadly have to say no as it is simply not practical at the moment (Plus Samsung wouldn't want to throw all their aces at the table at once)

Rumored Camera
via GSMarena

Smartphone camera geeks can rejoice as the rumored S8 will bring smartphone photography to another level thanks to the sensor technologies packed into the respective camera . The sensor on the S8 model might be either a enhanced 12MP module from Sony or Samsung's own skunkworks or a completely new 16MP module .The reason for not increasing megapixels will probably make some cry,but by reducing the pixel count and making them larger and more optimized  , the sensor will be excellent in low light and therefore the new camera will beat or match the new Pixel and iPhones this year ,therefore adding more megapixels will not do anything other than add more noise in darker areas .

As for the rumored S8 Plus , the same camera megapixel count will be valid , but the camera is apparently rumored to come as a dual camera set up with one for depth information , background defocus (bokkeh) and the other for capturing the foreground .This set up will aid the S8 to have "optical" zoom as well as allow VR ready content .

Both cameras will come with UHD 4K video recording at 30fps (not sure about 60 fps ) RAW image capture ,optical image stability and two tone LED flash ,

Rumored chassis design

Based on "leaked" pictures from case manufacturers , The headphone jack is here to stay on the Galaxy S8 , although rumors stated that it will be phased out in typical Apple trend , but due to the backlash of customers who hate the idea ,Samsung will not axe it this time , but instead support high quality wireless audio support which will someday replace the humble headphone jack for once and for-all

USB type C is not going away either as this is the port of the future , the port will be USB 3.1 and it will support Qualcomm's quickcharging or Samsung's proprietary charging solutions depending on processor

The fingerprint sensor is rumored to take a literal back seat this time as leaked designs show a almost monolithic design void of any home buttons and capacitive touch buttons -this means the fingerprint sensor is set to the back of the device , making users prefer the faster iris scanner instead of the home button which was prone to scratching in the previous models . The fancy gold phone leak , which shows a alleged testing prototype of the phone shows the Samsung logo on the bottom - a place previously reserved for the said buttons  .but since this is a prototype ,we cant say whether the final design will be this as Samsung will use positives from all prototypes in their final product .

alleged S8 in Olixar case 
As usual the glass and metal unibody phone will come with a IP68 water and dust resistance along with a new array of sensors for detecting moisture . The metal chassis will also have a single tray with dual slots for nano sim and microSD cards to compliment the internal storage options  .

Rumored processor 

Rumors state that Samsung will probably use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 Soc or some Snapdragon Soc but we recon that Samsung will use the Qualcomm one as it has better GPU performance than Samsung's current Exynos lineup (but this can change) . The Soc will feature a dedicated ISP ,LTE and atleast 6GB of RAM

Rumored Battery 

Samsung was almost left reeling from Note 7 fallout last year , the company , which promised to investigate the issues that lead to the downfall of the former flagship has now been discovered (as the battery) and the S8 will therefore include a new enhanced cell with a 2800-3200 mAh capacity , the battery will feature quick charging via USB C and inductive-wireless charging .

Price & Release 

As with any flagship phone , expect to pay a premium on this model as it is probably one of the best money could buy in 2017 . The price will probably hit somewhere in the $800 region for the S8 and even higher for the other

Samsung is rumored to announce the Galaxy S8 (and the S8 plus) at a special event either in the last week of February , March or in the first week of the month of April 

Sources - slashgear ,Sammobile ,GSMarena

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