Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Samsung's Note 7 fiasco was apparently caused by the battery

As we predicted earlier , the battery onboard Samsung's former flagship Note 7 is now labeled as the prime cause of Samsung's Note 7 incidents where a few devices spontaneously exploded -leaving behind scorched furniture ,delayed flights and billions in losses for the Company .  The phone , launched last year was probably the best Note smartphone built to date as it featured an all new weather sealed body , mouthwatering specs and a new IRIS scanning system ,sadly things started to go wrong when some users reported the devices of spontaneously combusting and setting hotel rooms , cars and even delaying flights as the phone was declared a fire hazard by almost every airline service a cause now attributed to the batteries provided for Samsung by external parties working on contract to produce them for the Note 7  . The company , which issued an immediate recall of all devices sold has so far reported to have received 96% of all devices sold , but sadly the remaining 4% still continue to cherish their beloved smartphone -possibly ignoring the fire hazards as only a mere 35 cases were reported out of the 2.5 million devices sold .Samsung , who claims that some users are still walking around with potential hazards have set up a buy back offer or a replacement phone depending on region , but as some of them are still clinging on ,carrier companies who have devices on contract are now set to block/brick the devices wirelessly in order to make them obsolete , sadly the options for gray-market buyers are limited as some shops are apparently denying/ignoring returns (if you still have a phone which was not accepted and or refunded by the seller , contact your consumer rights division as soon as possible) .

Samsung , who are now set to launch the Galaxy S8 smartphone with a all new design were very keen on finding the results of the investigation although they initially couldnt find the cause during preliminary controlled tests , the company , which lost a whopping $5.4 billion and a solid reputation due to the incident discontinued the smartphone only months after it was launched .

Source - dpreview

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