Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sony to launch a more affordable 85mm lens

85mm f1.4  - via Sony website
Its no secret that most of  Sony's lenses usually cost an arm or a leg when compared to their cheaper DSLR brothers from Canikon . This pricing , which in a time where pockets run dry quickly , is probably going to keep some new users away as rivals offer an equivalent lens for a lot less  .To combat this  ,and potentially keep the native Sony E lens lineup from getting steamrolled by Sigma and Tamron , Sony started to expand its lens collection with the introduction of its first "affordable" prime lens - the FE 50 1.8 - a $248 nifty fifty ,now  , in another move to win more converts to the E mount , Sony is set to announce another affordable fast prime lens - a 85mm . The upcoming 85mm prime lens is said to be a f1.8 - just like the 50 , and instead of the $1800 asking price of the 85mm f1.4 , the 1.8 is expected to be about half or less than that . So , if you are a Sony user or a potential Sony buyer , you might want to keep a heads up on this , but if you are still not satisfied with the almost $1000 price of this rumored lens (or you are in a hurry to dump those slow focusing adapters and get faster focusing Sony glass) Tamron has the answer for you with the 85mm f1.8 Di USD for $749 .

source - thenewcamera

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