Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Upcoming Leica M10 images leaked

via - Mirrorlessrumors
Feast your eyes on these Leica M10 images supplied by Mirrorlessrumors . The Leica M10 - a camera that is priced at a eyewatering USD 8k is the ultimate rangefinder as it combines the analogue and digital elements in one neat Leica-ble chassis . Specs for the M10 are listed below.

*24 Megapixel full size CMOS sensor specially developed for M 10
*The latest generation image processor "LEICA MAESTRO II"
*It can be set within ISO sensitivity range of ISO 100 ~ 50,000
*2 GB internal memory
*High-speed continuous shooting of up to 5 frames per second
*Equipped with ISO click dial on top cover
*The depth of the top cover is only 33.75 mm and the slimest form among the M type digital cameras so far
*In addition to raising the field of view by 30%, raising the viewfinder magnification to 0.73, the eye relief also expanded 50% widely
*The operation part on the back of the camera has only three buttons: a joystick and "play", "live view", "menu"
*Adopted "My Camera Menu" that allows you to register menu items freely from the main menu
*Built-in Wi-Fi function
*Direct transmission of RAW files in DNG format
*It is possible to remotely operate Leica M10
*Electronic viewfinder "Leica Bizofurex" compatible
*Size: 139 × 80 × 38.5 mm
*Weight: 660 g (including battery)
*Color: Black Chrome, Silver Chrome
*Domestic reservation start date: January 19
*Domestic release date: February
*Mass retailer price: 918,000 yen (tax included)

via - Nokishita camera

List adopted via Nokishita

Via - Mirrorlessrumors

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