Thursday, February 23, 2017

AMD Ryzen 7

AMD has unveiled their latest bang for buck high performance  processors dubbed Ryzen . The new Ryzen series , according to our "intel" , the new Ryzen chips are somewhat faster (in benchmarks) than their equivalent Core i competitors  while costing a small fraction of their silicon . The family - the Ryzen 3 ( core i3 rival) , the Ryzen 5 and guessed it ..Ryzen 7 are all part of AMD's efforts to break the processor wars by offering an alternative if you are hard on configuring your system . For now , AMD has only announced the Ryzen 7 series which are all 8 core processors with 3 categories which include the Ryzen 7 - 1700   , Ryzen 7 - 1700X and the Ryzen 7 1800x   . The entry level model - the 1700 is apparently 46% faster (than the i7 - 7700K) in multithreaded operations in cinebench and the 1700x is 4% faster than the i7 - 6900k and 39% faster than the i7 - 6800K .The 1800K model matched the i7-6900K in the  single thread score  and in the multi-thread score it gained a 9% advantage - quite good considering that the 6900k  costs more than double the 1800X's chip price .

via - anandtech.


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