Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sony Xperia XZ Premium to feature "motion eye" , stacked sensor with 960 fps video recording

Smartphone camera sensors are on a roll in this day and age . Last year - Samsung and Apple and Google (pixel) managed to bring RAW image capture to their devices and most importantly - refinement . With average sensor sizes at 1/25" and dual camera support , the cameras of 2017 will be even better , and now thanks to Sony , the sensor game will now go into a whole new level as they are apparently planning to show off their new sensor in the upcoming Xperia XZ premium smartphone .

Sony - a company that makes a majority of camera sensors for just about every phone and interchangeable lens camera is to unveil a new mobile camera sensor which uses the stacked sensor design as the previous (IMX 318 - found on new flagship Android and iPhones) and improves it by adding a layer of Dynamic RAM (DRAM) between the BSI image sensor and the circuit section . This new sensor - which has 21 effective megapixels is also a 1/2.3" sensor which puts in the same class as most high end action cameras of today .The sensor however can capture 19.6 megapixels in 1/120th of a second using its electronic shutter .

As for video , the sensor's new addition of the DRAM enables it to create a buffer for slow motion video upto (hypothetically) 1000 fps in 1080p - a stunning feat indeed (provided software is enabled by the vendor) . The sensor is capable of 60fps on 4K (Whoa!) and if the hypothetically insane fps values are not met by software (clean buffer reading and more DRAM than 1Gbit ) it will still capture 240fps in 1080p as well . 

As for the upcoming XZ , a slide showing a feature called "motion eye" has been leaked . This feature works by taking 4 pictures before the shutter button was pressed and 4 after , giving you the ability to select a clean picture if you missed the event . The added DRAM layer is therefore able to scan through images as it has quite a large buffer . The rest of the specs include a 4K HDR display - like the Z5 premium and a new chassis design with the Snapdragon 835 Soc. 

via -Xperiablog

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