Friday, February 24, 2017

StyleShoots Live smart studio automates fashion photography

In a time where automation is king in mass production , certain fields where  art ,skill and creativity are found will probably be one of the least expected places where you would want a job replacing system .But apparently a company called Styleshoots has unveiled a giant photo booth which can take photos of a subject - without the shooter .

The photobooth - which works with a series of cameras including a Canon 1Dx Mk2 embedded in the arms can be configured by the user to photograph a series of images which can be optimized to any form factor - basically crop and adjust  the photo to different form factors as uploading photos to different social media sites and websites require different sizes .The system also shoots video , which can be used while the photo shoot happens . -This may be beneficial for time saving product photography agencies or shops , but it will be a wake up call for video editors , photographers and  aspiring models as automation - even at a slow pace , is creeping in .  Although the system is not priced yet , it will be met with negativity by fashion photographers as the Youtube viewcount has already shown mixed results

via - Slashgear

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