Thursday, March 30, 2017

Atomos Ninja Inferno

In the world of external recorders , Atomos has basically made a name for itself as they provide a general off the shelf solution without proprietary parts and accessories getting in the way you and your shooting . The Atomos Ninja , which has been their affordable  lineup of external recorders has apparently recieved a 4k 10 bit 4.2.2 capable recorder called the Ninja inferno.

Blessed by the high ranking Shoguns of the Atomos lineup , the Ninja inferno allows mid range video makers to take advantage of their hardware to the max - this includes the Gh4 and Gh5 owners as well as those who operate camcorder set ups such as the Fs5 etc . The new recorder , like the more expensive Shogun Inferno , has the ability to record Apple ProRes and DnxHR in 10 bit provided that your camera can output it via HDMI . The Ninja Inferno can record 60p (4k) and power a 48v XLR mic if you are into recording audio as well . Rest of the specs include AtomHDR support for 1500nits of brightness  and a 7" 1920x1200 touchscreen display with support for Atomos' zebras , false color , framing ,vectorscope etc .

Pricing for the Ninja Inferno starts as $995


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