Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Atomos Sumo

If you fancied a large screen external recorder , then Atomos has the answer for you . Meet the Sumo - a 19" behemoth designed to work well as a field monitor as well as an external recorder capable of snatching 4k 60fps off cameras while providing a mobile template for all your 3D look up tables (lut) with the power of 1200 nits of brightness and 10 stops of dynamic range a la HDR . The unit records 4k 60fps , as well as every other format from 240p upto 1080p . The unit handles 12bit Raw and supports DnxHR ,prores as well as a few more standards , as usual the display supports anamorphic desqueeze on screen , zoom in 2:1 or direct 1:1 , waveforms,vectorscope, framing assists ,SMPTE safe areas and  of course Zebras to clean your bandings.

Recording off to 2.5" SSD drives , the Atomos works just like its other feudal bretheren including the Ninja , Samurai and Shoguns . The unit offers 4SDI ports , a HDMI and xlr ports for input and phantom power as well as a headphone jack for monitoring (the unit draws 75w btw). The unit is expected to hit shelves during the third quarter of 2017 with a price of $2500 (twice the price of the current Shogun)

Source - Fstoppers

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