Friday, April 28, 2017

Canon 5d MkIV gets C log update for $99

At launch the 5D mk4 recieved a good dose of attention as many condemned the 1.7x crop in 4K , but like all things ,the small amount of buyers who bought the camera for its Dual pixel AF assisted video learnt to live with it and soon enough an update fixed the crop to 1.27x  (or 1.29x on 1080p) and thigs slowly settled . But now Canon has once again set an update for users which is said to appeal to the video crowd as now the camera allows a flatter C Log recording option . The update , which costs $99 is mostly aimed at the pro end crowd who are serious about color grading as the log profiles have muted shadows and colors which overall wider dynamic range of the footage captured . The update which is available on Canon's website is also said to be available on future 5D-4 units which will be sold at a body only  $3599 price .
Source - nofilmschool
Download update via Canon's website - Canon

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