Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cooke Anamorphic 75-750mm T4.5

If you are after oval bokkeh , or basically shoot anamorphic video and have thousands to write off your movie set bill , then say hello to the Cooke anamorphic 75-750mm T4.5 (with x2 anamorphic squeeze). Unlike regular anamorphic glass , this 10:1 ratio  glass provides a signature stretched light bokkeh usually seen in high production movies . The being a manual behemoth still has the ability to feed metadata to the camera , and this combined with the smooth x10 focus does mean that the lens will be very practical , smooth  and a dream to use on set .pricing for the Cooke 45-450 is probably reserved for the multi million dollar movie sets as it costs $79000 (with shipping expected to start in September).

Source - fdtimes /newsshooter

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