Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Edelkrone Motion kit & Sliderplus X

Always dreamt of an electronic slider that does it all ? Well Edelkrone has the solution for that problem with its new 4 axis motion control achieved via the Motion kit mounted to the SliderPlusX .

The unit , which consists of a gimbal mount on a slider works by giving you pitch and yaw movements as well as sliding speed which can be configured wirelessly via your Android or ios Smartphone . The unit , which can even be used to designate targets or points of interest (to which you can assign a slight movement like rotate or slow down for example ) can be assigned once the unit is fed in the location point from both ends of the slider - this would be helpful when conducting a diy review or interview (or in times when an assistant isnt handy) The motion kit is expected to cost $2699 and the slider at $999.


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