Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eye 360 drone captures 6K - VR ready

If you always wanted a tv helicopter , chances are $75000 is pocket change for you . The Eye 360 ,based on the Dji Matrice 600 pro drone chassis is also equipped with 3 mini EYE 3 cameras capable of 6k recording - giving you a 6k 360 degree experience .
The drone system , which also includes a low latency 6k broadcasting and ground station system is capable of handling 6k(h.264) 4k 10bit and 6k NDI . The system , known as Breeze can work with the drone system upto 3-6 miles and work for about 10-15 minutes on a charge .The system is bespoke to some level , and therefore clients can specify their needs when configuring their personal system here .

Via - newsshooter

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