Thursday, April 6, 2017

GoPro el grande and Karma grip anounced

GoPro may have taken quite a beating over the past few years , but the company is still regarded as the top dog when it comes to action cameras in general . With the anouncement of the Karma drone and the Hero 5 series , the company was finally able to hold off the hordes of rivals and after a year , the company has decided to unveil a new software update for its GoPro hero 5 series wih the addition of new languages including Russian , Portugese and Korean to the voice cabale video camera .

GoPro El Grande

Call it a fancy selfie stick , a fancy boom arm or a manually operated crane , the El grande by GoPro is basically a $59.99 extension arm for your go pro and stabilizer . The pole extends to 97cm and even has an attachment for a swivel ball head which you can use to turn and reposition your GoPro

GoPro Karma grip extension

If you are worried about Karma following you (or mounting your Karma stabilizer on a helmet/remote weapons station etc , then GoPro has an answer with the $99.99 grip extension . This as the name suggests works by connecting the control arm and the brushless motor unit with a wire - thereby giving you the ability to control by wire from a distance . The Karma grip extension and the El grande pole ships on the 9th of April .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - newsshooter

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