Friday, April 21, 2017

Nikon D7500

Nikon has basically enjoyed the success of its APS-C lineup for many years now . The company , which has currently has 4 models with the x1.5 crop consists of the entry level D3xxx series , the sligltly advanced D5xxx series and the enthusiast level D7xxx series and the professional grade D500 which has basically captured the market by storm . The difference between a D3xxx and a D5xxx is very minimal , but the difference between the entry level dslr's and the 7000 series models is actually a lot - this is probably why many first timers (who are into photography) usually get the D7100 or 7200 models instead of the entry level ones as the feature set appeal more to photographers than a casual shooter shooting casual family photos. Therefore the newly anounced Nikon D7500 should be Nikon's finest enthusiast camera yet , or is it ?

Keeping Nikon's tradition of a top down spec approach , the new D7500 is basically a Nikon d500 in a more affordable package , the video features are here , and so in a world where Nikon has to stem the flow of video capable DSLRs and mirrorless systems , it has decided to use the best APS-C sensor they got - the 20.9 mp APSC module from the D500 . The new sensor allows the D7500 to hit 1
Iso 100 - 51200 and a boosted iso value of 1.64 million , the optical low pass filter OLPF has been removed - enabling better sharpness (whie taking a hit on moire)  . The sensor also has the 51 AF point system derived from the predecessor -D7200 and this is also supported by a Group Area AF feature as well .

The D7500 can shoot a max of 8 fps and this is supported by a maximum buffer of 50 dng files(14 bit losless) or if you shoot jpeg only - 100 jpeg files , you can also find a 180k RGB metering system as well The battery life of the D7500 is said to be upto 950 shots per cell .Wifi and Bluetooth are available for Nikon's Snapbridge app .the pop up flash can also be used to command other flash units into a sync .

Talking about video , the new D7500 is set to take its arch rival - the Canon 80d head on with its internal 4k (UHD 30fps) recording . This camera , thanks to the Expeed 5 processor , is also capable of outputtting uncompressed HDMI out as well as record to an internal U3 capable card   , and along with the pull out 3.2" 922k dot touchscreen , you can easily tap to focus unlike in previous iterations .The camera also has 4K timelapse as well . Internal audio recording is also promoted on the D7500 as the model features both a headphone out and  mic in ports .

And now for the price . The D7500 is said to retail for $1250 - Body only - a lot for a enthusiast camera ,would have been ok a few years back ,but now its a bit too high as we are spoiled by aternatives .Anyway as i was saying the starter price could have been lower , considering that the camera lacks Ai indexing tabs , no nfc and probably the biggest sin of all - no second SD card slot (a simple omission which is sure to get the Nikonian villagers out with pitchforks and burning effigies ) . So , should you go out and buy this camera it depends - well if i were to spend $1250 (or $1750 if you are getting this with the Nikon AF-S 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR , id probably do it (not immediately)  as i dont own a D500 or even a D7000 series camera (Only thing Nikon i have right now is my old boxed up D5200) , if you wait a few months more , the price will settle to a thousand (and less - eventually) , when that happens , its probably recomendable as it shoots 4K recording  , has good image quality and even a decent price (if you live in Asia where second hand pro cameras are rare) . But at $1250 (and at a eye watering $1750 with the kit lens ) this camera is commanding a bit too high in a time where you can buy the D7200 or a great 4k mirrorless camera for less than half the price (heck even a full frame Sony A7 with the kit lens costs less).

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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