Monday, April 24, 2017

Ronin 2 - Dji's latest pro gimbal

Dji has anounced the latest successor to its popular Ronin lineup . The new Ronin 2 , designed to work faster , carry more weight and offer precision to a fast changing industry.

The new Ronin 2 , weighing in at 5.5kg for the whole set up (4.2 without the handle bar) is also the first Ronin to be splash resistant as the cables have been placed inside the structure . The new ronin also has a GPS module which can keep track of moving targets even when its mounted to a moving structure such as a Russian arm moving at 75mph     .

Power supply on the Ronin 2 includes x4 14.4V (8A total) ports , x2 12.6V (4A total) close to the camera cage and motor and one 12.6V port near the battery mount which can provide about 2.5 hours of power to a high end rig such as a Red Dragon and the Ronin 2 gimbal simultaneously .

Users who want to operate the Ronin 2 can use the intergrated touchscreen controller to automatically adjust the gimbal in a fly , the motors will do most of the magic here . Dji also says a new wireless controller using a wifi 2.8/5.8GHz network will be able to control the gimbal from nearly a mile away . The controller will also allow users to access panaroma ,timelapse and position memory (which records the gimbals position if for say you want a reshoot). Pricing is yet to be anounced .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD


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