Friday, April 21, 2017

Sony A9 - Sony's professional DSLR killer unveiled

Sony anounced their flagship Full frame camera - the Alpha A9 today . The camera , positioned to take 20fps with no viewfinder blackout is probably the first mirrorless camera that can take on the high level players from Nikon(D5) and Canon's (1DX mk2) . The new camera , named the A9 sits on the top of the Sony hierarchy and this makes the A7 series their midrange option hence-forth . The new camera , equipped with a 24mp Stacked CMOS sensor is said to feature the ability to deploy its electronic silent shutter to take photos upto 20 fps - perfect for silent functions and stealth paparazzi .

The rest of the specs include a 693 AF grid with 93% coverage and a 5 axis image stabilization system which can compensate for 5 stops . The sensor also gives the ability to shoot from ISO 50 - 51200 or 50-204800 . The shutter speed can go upto 1/32000 and it has a max flash sync speed of 1/250th . The Bionz-X image processor ,combined with DRAM makes the camera hold a buffer of 241 raw 362 jpeg image files .The biggest addition to the fast shooting sensor is the 1.228 million pixel EVF which has no blackout unlike on DSLR's where the mirror blocks the OVF feed for a short time . The refresh rate on the evf is 120 fps . 

Video recording fans will be pleased to find 4K UHD at 30/25/24p and 1080p in 120fps/60fps and so on , the camera however does not fearure S Log or other picture profiles , making 4K a second option as this is primarly focused on photography (and possibly to stop it from destroying the A7Rii and the higher end FS series cameras - or possibly pave way for a A9R or A9S in the future)

Anyway , the recorded files can be transfered via live HDMI or a network set up via the provided gigabit ethernet port or recorded to one of the two SD card slots of which one is capable of UHS II . Battery life on the A9 is said to be rated at 950 shots per tank (Sony is also said to offer a battery grip for the camera , doubling the capacity VG-C3EM)

The A9 body is said to cost $4500 and Sony does say that the camera will ship in May of this year . 

Sony also anounced a new super-telephoto 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 OSS G Master lens . The new lens is currently the longest focal length E mount lens in production and is certainly a great addition to the A9 as it is promoted for sports and wildlife .The 100-400mm lens features 22 elements in 16 groups with a couple of ED lenses as well . The lens features OSS and will retail for $2500 and will ship in July

Written by Rakitha for MasHD
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