Friday, April 14, 2017

Sony beats Nikon for second place , Canon still on top - in the U.S

Sony for years has been treated as a sort of  an underground movement by the general photographic community , but since the anouncement of the A7R2 and the S2 as well as the A6500 , the preception towards Sony systems and Mirrorless cameras in general has been overwhelmingly positive and therefore mirrorless ILC's (Panasonic , Olympus et al) have been enjoying success as they continue to outperform their dslr counterparts in the field of technology and video recording .

Now let us adress the elephant in the room - Sony beats Nikon for second place , well just for clarification sake , this is for the U.S market and it only speaks about 35mm sensor cameras .Although at first this seems irrelevant , the fact that the U.S full frame market was saved from a -2 decline due to Sony is in fact an achievement (not to mention that Sony had a +23 increase compared to the same period last year ).

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So why do Mirrorless cameras appeal so much , for starters , one can say 4K - this is probably one of the biggest reasons for the sudden spike in Mirrorless . The low price of the camera (compared to a dslr equvalent) and the millennial shooters who want a connected and fun to use platform were probably woo'ed in by the massive youtube and social media community who suddenly went mirrorless after using Canon and Nikon platforms for years . This , combined with Sony's push for an excellent low light capable camera 1 the A7s and Sii and  studio ready cameras - the 7r and rii have probably been the biggest cash cows for the company yet - and they will continue this uphill trend as more and more young shooters and general - well off buyers embrace the video and photo qualities which dslr cameras fail(ed) to implement on time.

Nikon for many years has been steaming along without much concern to major market trends and this is probably one reason they were never able to recover from the one-two punch Canon dealt them in the 80s and early 2000s .As a company with a long hundred year legacy , most of the decisions made there may be centralized and therefore change can not happen in time to meet the new consumer generation - well Nikon did come up with a good attempt at their own Mirrorless system  - the J1 ,but this took a back seat as the company went on to produce and rebrand their entry level dslr's which sometimes have no major iterative progress eventhough the numbers have changed .Apart from being a possible drain of resources and time (which could have been made to adress the lack of a future ready alternative - kind of like Canon's M5) , the company just went on polishing their trophies without looking at the new threat posed by the Mirrorless generation . So therefore as long as dslr camera companies continue to overlook the mirrorless world and basically embrace the (always connected - dystopian) by offering them proper connectivity and video features instread of half a**** solutions , companies , even the titans (Canon too) will continue to feel the heat of the new trend.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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