Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Canon C200 and C200B cinema cameras

Canon has officially anounced its latest Cinema camera - the Canon C200 . The new model , set to be a mid range option between the workhorse C100 Mk2 and the slightly higher end C300 Mk2 , the new C200(and the "Barebones" C200B) offers  balence of 4K and a more compact design allowing the system to be used with a smaller rig system or general use in slightly less ideal conditions where a c100 or c300 will be a bit too large to use .

Armed with a 8.85mp Super 35 sensor from the Canon C700 , the new sensor also features  support upto ISO 102,400 and low rolling shutter thanks to faster readout times and the Dual Digic DV6 image processor . The sensor allows canons C Log and Clog 3 profiles and this will be quite useful as the sensor allows 4K DCI and 4K UHD  at 50fps and cropless 1080p at 120fps in HFR (high frame rate), as usual Canon's legendary Dual pixel AF is also available on the sensor . Canon is also said to bring their Cinema RAW light technology which brings smaller RAW filesizes (1/3 or 1/5th the size of the older Cinema RAW format which can give about 15 minutes of  1Gbps 4K DCI recording on a 128GB CFast 2.0 card (10bit at 60fps or 12Bit at 30fps) , you can also record 110 minutes of 4K at 150mbps or 485minutes on 1080p on MP4 format , but this is on 10Bit 4:2:0 color depth (4.2.2 with a recorder). Canon also mentioned that XF-AVC will be coming to the C200 in 2018.

Unlike the entry level C100 , the C200 features a more compact flatter design with the dual XLR inputs placed on the rear end which means the top handle is now free to remove . Other options include 10 stops of ND in a rotating disk arrangement with 2,4,6,8,10 ND .

Armed with a 1.23 million dot 4" touchscreen display , the camera supports touch af as well(tracking speed can be controlled) . The display also shows usual camera settings and controls as well as waveforms and other useful data as well . The C200 features a 1.2 million pixel 0.46" EVF which (along with the monitor) are  absent on the Gimbal ready C200B version.

Now for the best part -the new C200 has a price of $7900(And Canon UK sells this along with the 24-105 F4L II for GBP 8,589.99 )nbsp;which puts it basically in the same ball park as the FS7 and even the Red Raven, the C200 therefore brings a more compact , gimbal ready design which will appeal to many who were unable to digest the $12k price tag of the studio ready C300 Mk2 . With shipments tagged for July 2017 , we expect this to be another popular workhorse camera that will keep Canon's entry level Cinema series alive and well in the age of 4K .

Remember that C200B we talked about earlier , well its basically the same camera as the C200 , but it comes without the handlebar , viewfinder and grip or handle as it is suited for Gimbals and cranes rather than a mord professional documentary set up . And the cost for the "barebones" model is $5999.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD


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