Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spark! - Dji's smallest and cheapest drone yet .

Dji has anounced a new follow-up to its successful already portable Mavic drone . The new Dji Spark , priced at $499 is Dji's most affordable yet .

Designed to run mostly on gestures , the new Spark uses 3D mapping for obstacle detection as well as predict the gestures when it is activated . The Spark , which can read commands such as hover , circle , follow and snap a picture by making a frame using both hands , the drone also has the ability to work from a dedicated controller tethered to your smartphone or just the phone if need be . Livestreaming/FPS on the drone is also present in VR mode with Dji Googles  .

Internally , the drone follows a design similar to the Mavic , but only smaller , kind of similar to a racing drone , the drone can hover 30m and can detect obstacles 5m away . This is achieved via a array of sensors which 3D map the surroundings as well as find its way around thanks to dual band GPS and GLONASS positioning systems . The drone also has Dji's geofencing apllication so even the likelyhood of this flying over restricted areas is limited .

Video on the drone is less impressive than its quad blade bretheren , but even with its size , it still has a 2 axis mechanical gimbal which gives the camera the ability to record 1080p (downscaled 4k) without shake , the drone also has a livestream mode which can stream 720p video content from a distance upto 2km away . The flighttime of the drone however is 16 minutes , so keep that in mind before setting off .

The Dji Spark brings Drones to a whole new segment as it combines modern trends such as VR and livestream in a package that is smarter and more capable than the competition , and with its price , the drone does appeal to the youth or even amateur filmmakers on a budget as the 300g "toy" does not require any permits or a drone pilot licence (may depend on you country) . And now with drones being the latest hot gadget (along with action cameras) Dji has surely hit a market with much potential and a few competitors to beat (Parrot might come into mind) ,dji also offers The Spark Fly More Combo which includes the drone , two batteries, four pairs of propellers, a remote controller, propeller guards, a charging hub, a shoulder bag and all necessary cables, with a US retail price of $699 USD

Source - dji

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