Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google iO 2017 - Recap of what you can expect in the coming months ...

Google IO 2017 has officially Kicked off in San Francisco today . During this tech event , The tech giant has anounced refreshed system for Google home - allowing free calls as well as Google lens and Google asistant for iOS , a new updated version of Google Photos -which now allows you to scrub digital noise and obstructions from photos , share albums in a known "group" and picturebooks (print ready album templates which will extract your best photos and arrange them accordingly) as well as a hint of what we can expect soon the form of a Stand-alone Google VR headset , Daydream 2.0 for Smart TV's and of course Android O 

Android O - upcomig features

Android O for starters will pretty much look and behave similar to Android Nougat and Marshmallow before it , although the design may look similar , under the hood , the new OS features a multitude of user friendly features which were not present on stock Android so far . New features such as Downloadable fonts , picture in picture (basically minimize a player into a smaller floating screen) , smart selections (which will automatically select the adjacent text depending on what was select - eg - an adress , selecting one word will automatically select the rest of the text .

Notifications are also said to be "smarter" as the icons will now shine with a dot on the side which can be pressed down to either remove the notification with a swipe or accessing it directly - thereby reducing time with the Notification bar . There is also a smarter Google autofill which will fill in saved passwords and details saved from another device .

Project Tremble 

Its no suprise that Android is popular in every corner of the world (Google anounced that it has over 2 billion monthly active users during the event), but the biggest headache when it comes to buying a non-Google handset was software updates , in future releases , Google is said to work on Project Tremble which will seperate the OS framework and the client/vendor code into seperate forms allowing vendors to test their end to optimize according to their hardware and liking while Android OS can be easily ported in to work , this will greatly reduce the heavy workload on individual OEM's and ensure that handsets get their updates in a much faster timeframe . 

Android Go 

Android One has been quite successful for Google and a few emerging handset makers alike , the platform has so far allowed budget smartphones the ability to get fast updates and OS stability which was sometimes lacking in a market which was mostly saturated with disorganized handset makers .Android Go - which is Google's next initiative on bringing a more optimized version of Android O to smartphones with 1GB of RAM or even less . The goal of Android GO is to feature scaled down  versions of their popular apps in the form of mobile data optimized versions (eg- Youtube go) this combined with other "lite" versions of other applications will allow ultra-budget handsets to perform en par to a more advanced model without the issue of ram and processing speed getting in the way .

Security and more 

Google Play Protect is now set to work as a sandboxing agent who would detect mallicious apps installed and downloaded to your device .Google device manager is also said to get a new boost with the addition of Android wear devices added to its list .

Kotlin is now supported on Android , Set to run on Android Studio 3.0 , the new programming language is set to work in conjunction to c++ and Java which are already present . Due to the similarities between Java and Kotlin , Java programmers are welcome to test the waters and this (not being a requirment) might slowly get existing Java developers on board once the project expands .

Android O beta is now available for the Pixel , Pixel XL ,Pixel C ,Nexus 6P ,5X and the Nexus Player .

Special thanks to Mobitel Sri Lanka for hosting us for their Google I/O 2017 extended event on the 17th and 18th of May at Stein Studios , Colombo ,Sri Lanka .  All photos uploaded here were taken during the livestream , official photos of the event are available here

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