Monday, May 1, 2017

Panasonic's upcoming Varicam may sport EF mount

Panasonic has been on a roll with its GH5 this season . The new camera , which sits between the G85 and the pro camcorders has enjoyed relative success in the indie filmmakers bag , but for some time , the company has missed out on a small size Varicam camera which can take on Canon's C100 series  .Well , wait no more (atleast till June ,that is ) for a possible small size Varicam mini .

The new camera , leaked only in the form of either being covered by a cloth or a official silhouette picture shows the camera brain which is attached to a Canon EF Sigma 24-35 f2 (this is confirmed when the shadows are blown up in the picture below) 

Via - 43rumors

For starter , the current Varicam lineup feature EF mounts so having it on the brain of the Varicam Mini will be "No brainer" .The camera at first was rumored to have a Micro 4/3 sensor , but a few hours later , speculation about it featuring a Super 35 (APS-H) sensor was unofficially agreed upon as the rest of the series has them as well . Other specs on this camera are still unknown , but you can expect this to be a proper FS5 /c100 killer once it comes out .

Source - 43rumors

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