Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 & 630

Qualcomm has unveiled two new SOC's (System on a Chip) today . The two , named the Snapdragon 660 and 630 are set to serve as the mid range processor option for smartphones , tablets and a  host of other devices which require fast image processing , dual camera technologies , fast  graphic rendering , power efficency and LTE connectivity .

Qualcomm 660 & 630 

This chip is technically the new flagship of the 600 line . The 14nm chip , designed with  4 2.2Ghz Kryo 260 cores and 4  1.8Ghz Kryo 260 cores - effectively a 8 core chip with a Big.little design . The core designs are custom made by Qualcomm based on the ARM  A53 and A72/A73 designs . The chip features Adreno 512 chip with Vulcan API graphics , Hexagon 642 co processor , Spectra 160 image processor engine , Bluetooth 5.0 ,X12 - LTE modem (600mbps DL 150mbps UL) and Quickcharge 4)

The 630 on the other hand is built on the same 14nm architecture and has the same layout with the only differences being an Adreno 508GPU with vulcan API , no dedicated ISP ,a slightly slower modem X9 (300mbps DL 150 mbps UL) , Bluetooth 4.2 and Quickcharge 3.0 .

Devices with the new processors are expected to arrive by the next quarter (2017)

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