Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Samsung rebadges Galaxy Note 7 as Note FE ,asks lower price

Samsung has re-anounced its Galaxy Note 7  handset as the Note FE ..the Note 7 , launched last year was probably one of the best devices launched at the time but due to a series of accidental combusion events , the whole series was discontinued and all devices were recalled for evaluation . The phone , which was known to have a battery issue due to a metal contamination in the Lithuim cell ,was responsible for causing some financial dammages during the whole sage .

The new phone , basically designed on top of the same Note 7 chassis except for the Battery (a 3200 mAh battery now sits on the handset instead of the 3500 mAh one ) is expected to sell at a somewhat reasonable cost of about $520 . The device will still feature the S-Pen , Snapdragon 820 processor , 4GB of Ram and 64GB internal storage and of course the gorgeous 5.7" 2560x1440 SAMOLED display .

The phone is expected to make out in limited badges of about 300,000 first in South Korea and followed possibly with a few more countries followed shortly .

Via - Theandroidsoul

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