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Lets talk about the upcoming Canon 6D Mark 2 ......

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Canon's full frame lineup has so far been a 3 tier system , at the top of the food chain , we have the 1DX's offspring - the elite race , below that , you have the general workhorse lineup - the 5D series , and if you go a bit down , you find the Canon 6D - a model that is popular among amateur wedding photogs and a second body option for those who own a 5D model .

But like all entry level models , the 6D was slightly neutered when compared to the higher end models , and this , along with the fact that both Sony and Nikon have 2 camera models to fight in the same category does mean that the 6D remained on the short end of the stick when specs are compared , however , a camera is still a tool , and so far I have seen many people shoot excellent work with this camera( eventhough the autofocus is not the best ) ,so the next model will definitely be a "kickass" camera (even if it gets destroyed by angry mobs who would probably pick on this as they did with the 5D Mk4 at first) .

Say hello to the rumored and now leaked Canon 6D Mark II . The new camera , designed to use 45 cross type AF points , dual pixel autofocusing and a touchscreen display , the new camera makes the older model look "old" as the change between the upcoming model and the first gen model from 2012 is worlds apart to some degree . For starters , new rumors state that the 6D mk2 will have a 26.2 MP 35mm sensor with Canon's excellent Dual pixel AF for tracking . This sensor features a maximum ISO upto 40,000 with boosted ISO upto 120,000 (the lowerst we predict is ISO 100 -but that's to be seen) . The sensor also features 45 cross type AF points , and it also features 6.4 fps in continuous shooting .

If you were planning on getting 4K and other video nick-nacks on this (4K timelapse is available though)  , you will sadly have to consider the 5D mk4 ,or another system as Canon is rumored to leave that option out in favor of 1080p @ 60fps .This puts it in the same ball park as the 80D and will therefore not cannibalize Canon's 5D Mk4 sales ,so therefore it won't be a videography oriented camera even though its considered as a priority feature in this day and age (might as well get into Panasonic or Sony if you are into that anyway) .But like the EOS M5 , which was Canon's first mirrorless camera to rival its equivalent DSLR rival (80D) , the 6D MkII will feature 5 axis electronic image stability (EIS) which uses the internal gyroscopes and two axis stability from a stabilized lens ,this is not effective as IBIS ,but its much better than 2 axis and having to smooth out micro-jitters in post production .And also remember that the display is tillable and is a touchscreen which would be good for low angle shots and touch focusing on selected points in live-view .

Overall the 6D MkII looks to be a solid update to the 6D , the range , which focuses on intermediate photographers and second body buyers would surely benefit from the extended ISO and the AF system , videographers on the other hand would have to look elsewhere as this is a photo oriented device rather than a hybrid camera ,but if you already have a 80D and want a full frame sensor to take full advantage of the EF lenses (but care less about 4k) then this is right for you .

Expect the Canon 6D MKII to launched in about two weeks time .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Sources - nokishita-camera , Canonwatch , canonrumors

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