Thursday, June 29, 2017

RED to anounce a new modular camera system

BMPCC via - Newshooter/Lockport
RED - a company that has produced many great cinema camera systems is apparently rumored to be working on a modular platform which may be announced on the 6th of July 9next month) . The new camera system , which according to Newsshooter  , is said to be a new product category which wont rival current red cameras in any way . Although we are not sure of what they meant by it , some hints do shine on the fact that the new camera will be a small , modular camera system (similar to Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera) . Currently , RED is working on custom Super 35 sensors with PL or EF (and F formerly) mounts and therefore having a lower tier product below the RED raven (for drones and hand held gimbals) with the highly successful Micro 43 sensor (same as the BMPCC) or a custom sensor (the Newsshooter article listed below has ore info on that btw) will be a good move as it will open up the market for new customers . As for authenticity of these rumors , do take them with a grain of salt as we have no leaks or even a press photo yet! so stay tuned for more from the rumor mill soon!.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - newsshooter

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