Monday, June 5, 2017

Sony's CineAlta cinema lineup to get a Full frame option in 2018 .

Sony has a giant lineup of professional  cameras in their arsenal , the range , which includes the flagship CineAlta series .is apparently set to get even bigger thanks to Sony's recent announcement of a Full frame cinema camera 36x24mm) in  2018 . The camera ,(which would fit into the F5/F65 range)  will be able to record content  in the 4:3 aspect ratio 4k and anamorphic  or 17:9 in 3 -pref (Super 35 mode) means that the upcoming FF cinema camera will suit most filming conditions (especially when using external super 35 lenses) .

Although we are still not certain on a exact launch date , the camera is set to launch in the beginning of (Q1 and Q2) 2018 .

Source - newsshooter

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