Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bowens to go under?

Well , well , it looks like another one is ready to bite the dust !,this time it is a 94 year old lighting company called - Bowens  - yes that Bowens , the world famous photography lighting accessory maker from the U.K .

With humble beginnings in 1923 , Bowens opened shop as a Camera service company and later as an international camera equipment manufacturer (starting with flash bulbs) . The company quickly gained reputation among the photographic elite for providing dependable and powerful flash and compact flash systems for studio and on site applications (Their portable power generator solutions probably got the ball rolling for them)  .  Although their flash solutions were still superior to most of the competition and was still the first choice for many , the company was apparently acquired by an European firm called AURELIUS in 2016 , and this year , the parent company is apparently planning a new strategy without Bowens in it .

Will this be the "last generation" - Bowens Gen X series

So what does this all mean for our beloved lighting company? (the same company that gave us the Bowens S standard ring mount used by many lighting accessories and lights from other brands to this day ) . Well according to latest unconfirmed reports from various sources , the company is about to be liquidated , This means that new lights and even the sale of products can very well end soon and quite sudden (similar to Lexar's situation) .Although we still didn't get any official statement from Bowens international ,nor its parent company AURELIUS , the news we got so far  does paint a bit of a grim picture , but do stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - petapixel

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