Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Microsoft to brush over paint after 32 years of service

Microsoft Paint - affectionately known simply as "Paint" has been the building blocks of many graphic designers and the go to artistic app for aspiring meme artists since its inception in 1985 . But now , apparently in a move that would upset many , Microsoft is said to pull the plug on this epic software applet as the new 3D paint would take its place starting from the "Windows 10 creators Update" . The paint applet , which came as a part of Microsoft's bundled packages along with notepad and others has been a staple tool for anyone who wanted a quick way to save their screenshots , edit basic photos by sometimes attempting to airbrush layers or add text and draw the iconic rage faces and meme characters from the world over . Paint ..we will miss you

via - TheVerge

UPDATE - Microsoft has confirmed that the paint software will still be axed from its software bundle , but instead , it will live on as a Windows Store app . This is still good news to many , but it feels as if the app is now just on life support as the newer app would probably take helm for many users from now on .
via - theguardian

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