Friday, July 28, 2017

Motorola to launch $99 dash cam

Whether you like it or not , car accidents do happen . But in a dog -eat - dog world  ,having a recorded session of your journey would be a lifesaver, and as a result, more and more companies are venturing into this market. Motorola has kept quite a long cv in making communications gear , cameras, consumer products , and automation gear is now setting their sights on dash cameras .(eventhough the Motorola brand name is owned by multiple companies now)

Designed by Binatone , a British company which bought Motorola accessories in 2015 basically carries the Motorola name on their product and even has some design elements carried on by Motorola smartphone products . The camera ,which is said to feature a wide angle lens with 1080p recording will be sufficent for most dash cam situations and it features a micro SD for storage . The unit features a 4" 480x854 resolution LCD which would also have the ability to sync with a reverse camera if its available . The pricing for this unit is said to be $99 and the Motorola dash cam is expected to launch soon in the U.S and Europe .

Source -Gsmarena

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