Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nikon maybe working on mirrorless camera with a curved full frame sensor

Nikon's curved sensor patent circa 2010
The concept of Curved sensors for cameras are nothing new ,but like most outlandish projects ,  it has so far been a tech unicorn  as they only exist in patent schematic form , but Nikon , a company who is to celebrate 100 years in two days time is now apparently said to be patenting not only the sensor , but also a lens to go with it as well .

The patent - (P2017-125904A) speaks about a 35mm f2 lens mounted to a curved 35mm sensor which is given in a light schematic form . The article does not speak much about the camera , but the merits of a possible curved sensor camera were understood by Nikon early on , and they even patented their own technology many years back.

So what advantages will such a sensor bring? well for starters , a curved sensor , unlike its flat sensor counterparts will allow maximum sharpness throughout the picture , this does mean that the new sensor , if it comes to light , will require a whole new lens lineup as current flat lenses are designed for flat sensors with maximum focus set for the middle .

Both Sony and Canon already saved patents on curved sensors during the last 2 years . There are also rumors that Sony stuck with the plan , but due to the possibility of the E mount being axed , the plan was retracted to a fixed lens (RX) style bridge camera rather than an ILC . So Nikon ,as they would need to redesign a new mount for their rumored mirrorless camera would consider the option as current F mount glass would still not work with one natively (without an adapter).

So is this a prototype ? for starters , the idea of a curved sensor mirrorless camera or even a "mirrorless camera" from Nikon is still exists on the water cooler gossip fringe as its existence is only verified in a subtle way .  But since the future belongs to Mirrorless cameras , there is high possibility that the company will adapt to change and give us a proper large sensor camera instead of a 1" sensor model (again), but as for the curved sensor - well no one knows just yet, Nikon , who has been constantly hammered by the hordes of mirrorless cameras from Fuji , Panasonic , Sony , Olympus etc will probably need a hit feature to blast their way into the front of the pack ,and as history has shown , Nikon has always played this game with their arch rival - Canon , but now with both companies in the same boat , only time will tell .

Written by Rakitha by MasHD
Source - Mirrorlessrumors

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