Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Refurb Olympus mirrorless cameras now available for $149

Always wanted an affordable mirrorless camera ? well Olympus has some goodies for you as their refurbished Olympus E PM2 cameras now retail for a super affordable $149 .

The deal , which gets you basically a "mini" PEN series camera from 4 years back still has decent features including a 16MP CMOS sensor with IBIS (mechanical sensor stability - a feature that is still not available on most cameras still) 8fps shooting ,  ISO range from 200-25600  a 3" 400k dot touchscreen display and 1080p @60fps .

So is the deal worth it , well..if you got a spare 150 bucks , it kind of is . Well for starters you  do get IBIS and the M 4/3 mount which already has so many mounting options giving you basically the ability to  adapt any lens under the sun .

purchase link - getolympus
Source - 43rumors

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