Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rode Videomic Pro+

Rode has basically made a name for itself in the on-camera microphone department . The company , which has a whole range of On camera - Videomic options, released the latest update to the VideoMic Pro in the form of the advanced VideoMic Pro+ model today(25th).

The new model , which now supports power input via microUSB (USB power bank) , 2x AA cells or Rode LB1 battery gives users more options to power their mic during run and gun situations . The unit also has an intelligent power saving option which shuts the mic off when not in use . Users who had issues with the battery door opening procedure in the previous model can rejoice as the new model features a new redesign .

Functionality wise , the new mic features a 2 stage high pass filter for ambient noise filteration and it also has a gain control with 3 stages (+20 db) and a high frequency boost for enhancing along with a spike reduction safety channel .

Pricing for the new Rode Videomic Pro Plus is said to be $300 and ships this August along with a 3.5mm cable for the mic and a LB1 battery which will ship along with the unit.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source -dpreview

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