Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sony RX0

Sony has officially announced their latest addition to the RX series of compact premium cameras .The RX0  (Zero) , like its more popular RX 100 series brethren , features a Stacked 1"  CMOS sensor , but it instead features a robust , drop (MIL STD810G)  and water resistant housing which allows the RX0 to be taken to places no other one inch sensor camera will dare explore .

The RX0 , on the outside looks quite small at - 61×40.6×30.5mm , but internally , the RX0 is designed for set events rather than straight up action as it can be rigged wirelessly in a 15 camera group  via FA-WRC1M remote  or  5 via the Sony mobile App for Android or iOS .

The unit , which can still perform as a stand alone camera will also function as a underwater upto about 10m and even more(100m) if you add a waterproof housing . This might sound good if you plan to shoot your diving expeditions , but keep in mind that this shoots only 1080p (1080p@250fps)(1000fps 720p bursts) internally and if you want everything in 4K , then be prepared to output 4K at 30fps to a external recorder via HDMI .You also get sLog 2 picture profile in this and everything is powered and rendered thanks to Sony's Bionz X image processor .

Rest of the specs include the ability to shoot 15.3MP photos with 16fps -  1/32,000 max shutter speed , and Max ISO - 12800 ,The camera features a Zeiss Tessar *24mm lens with a constant f4 aperture  .

So , how much for all this goodness you may ask? well ,according to reports , you will have to pay $1000 for this one.  It costs $699 and ships in October.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Press Release - Sony

Source - Petapixel , Slashgear

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