Monday, September 18, 2017

Is it a strobe? , is it a speedlight ?? no it's the new Profoto A1

Profoto has officially announced their latest strobe/speedlight unit called the Profoto A1 . The unit , designed around Profoto's wireless lighting solutions , allows A1 users to control other master/slave connected  Profoto gear using the built in Air remote .The speedlight part , which consists of a rechargeable Li-ion which gives the flash a 0.05s - 1.2s recycle time and about 350 full power 1/1 shots before requiring a new pop in battery . 

With support for TTL and HSS , the flash is certainly capable in meeting the demands of working professionals . The Fresnel head , which houses a magnetic circular clip , can hold magnetically connected dome diffusers and filters  allowing the A1 to basically work without any 3rd party accessories out of the box.

And if you fancy , the light also features a small LED modelling lamp which features a dual tone mixing array just below the main flash head .

With an output of 76Ws ,the lamp (according to many articles) is quite similar to the current Nikon and Canon speedlight offering , but the adaptability and the extra features (if you already own or plan to own a Profoto kit) will surely make this a tasty offering if you can digest the $995 asking price . (The flash is available for Canon and Nikon only) .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD 

Source - Profoto , Petapixel

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