Friday, September 29, 2017

K Pan is a 3D printed camera designed to shoot on 120 film

Kickstarter projects have come a long way with the advent of 3D printing ,Inventor  Paul Kohlhaussen - who envisioned a creatively designed medium format camera , started work on what he called the K-Pan camera (a modular system where you can print your customized accessories and spare parts ) . The camera , designed in the shape of a reversed loudspeaker , features a SLS Nylon composite body with a coating of mustard yellow paint to give it some pizzazz in a world of slate color cameras .

The body , which features a pop off plate for the 120 film , a cold shoe , a quarter inch tripod plate , a bellows like focusing system and metallic inserts and screws holding the knobs , buttons and of course the mount for the 4x5 lens which you will need to supply yourself with . The whole kit ,which comes in a DIY assembly kit with the cone and the back also comes in bundled offers starting at ($364 / GBP 270) on Kickstarter . The whole project is expected to hit the general market in March 2018 .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Link to Kickstarter - Kickstarter .

Source - Dpreview

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