Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rumor - Zenit's Mirrorless camera to feature Leica internals .

Photo credits - Calvertjournal
Zenit - a once popular brand during the 70's and 80s disappeared into the pages of history after the fall of the Soviet Union . The emergence of reliable Digital cameras brought an end to these 35mm film systems as they were seen as dinosaurs in a fast changing world ,and as the need for older lenses dropped , Zenit , along with many other M42 mount lenses dropped to bargain bin prices .

But things started to change with the emergence of Mirrorless cameras - once seen as an alternative camera choices instead of the Canon and Nikon market duopoly, adopted a lens-agnostic design which allowed the ability to use older manual lenses and thus , the bargain bin prices started increase as the demand for cheap lenses for photography and video increased . Zenit , a company which was only a hulk of its former glory , knew the importance of staying relevant and decided to produce manual lenses which could be adapted into mirrorless cameras . and now , as of September 2017 , Zenit is expected to unveil their first  mirrorless system with the help of Leica  .

According to Rumors , the new Zenit camera - still assembled and made in Russia at the KMZ Moscow , but the internal components (including the electronics ) are all rumored to be made by Leica . This would mean that the camera would depart from Zenit's previous value oriented camera design and instead would join the luxury camera market .

As far as rumors go , none of these details were verified by Zenit ,but as they hinted at the possibility of a mirrorless camera , we can possibly expect to hear some official (or leaked) details soon .

image - CalvertJournal link to article
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