Saturday, October 7, 2017

Revolcam brings 3 lenses , a led ringlight and a mirror for $29

Revolcam is probably the best smartphone lens project yet. The project , a Kickstarter founded by Shiftcam focuses on giving mobile devices the ability to shoot photos or video on either a wide angle , fisheye or macro lens with a simple twist of the rotating  wheel (similar to old wind up film cameras of yesteryear ) .

The exact field of view of each lens is not given yet , but the handy feature of having 3 different shooting styles does open up creative ideas for users who want to take photos on their phone (without hassle of carrying multiple attachments separately . The rotating mount also features another hidden gem - a small but useful LED ringlight with a diffusing panel and a small mirror .The light assembly is detachable so you can use it for a fill light if need be .

The kickstarter project is expected to hit its shipping goal in November 2017 . The unit is expected cost $29.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Link to Kickstarter

Via Petapixel

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