Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sony G 24-105mm f4 and Sony 400mm f2.8

Sony has officially launched their 24-105mm f4 OSS General zoom lens and 400mm f2.8 lens development plans today . The two new lenses , announced along side the new  A7 RIII , brings two much needed lens options for E mount users who may have been waiting for their announcement for a while . The new 24-105mm f4  , a general purpose lens , is sure to woo in many potential converts from other platforms as this lens (or this zoom range) is preferred by over the 24-70 in many situations as it gives you extra reach - ideal for event and travel photography .

The new lens ,a member of the Sony G series  , comes with the model ID - SEL24105G features Sony's excellent image stabilization - OSS and DDSSM - Direct Drive SSM silent motor for autofocus . The lens , protected against the elements thanks to a dust and moisture resistance , complements its general purpose design and the Nano AR coating minimizes lens flaring , ghosting and chromatic aberrations .The lens weighs 663g and is expected to ship in November 2017 with a price of EUR1350 .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Here are some sample images via

Press release -  Sony

Sony A 300mm f2.8 (image placeholder)  The 400mm f2.8 may share design similarities

Sony also announced their development plans for a G master 400mm f2.8 . The lens , which would give a good reach for wildlife and sports shooters and a superb depth of field thanks to the 2.8 aperture is set to be announced on a later date .

Press release - Sony

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