Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Canon's upcoming 7D Mark III rumored for a March 2018 launch .

Rumors speculate that Canon is set to announce the 7D Mark III DSLR camera in March of 2018 (next year) . The camera , a successor to the somewhat aged 7D MK II is set to challenge the Nikon D500 in the Sports , action and wildlife segments by featuring high frame rates , good dynamic range and most importantly , 4K video recording with Dual pixel AF .

Canonrumors  (see link below for more info) mentions the addition of Canon's C-LOG into the 7D mk3 , although the addition of such features will surely benefit users , Canon is known to deliberately leave out some features as it can cannibalize sales of the higher tier model (example - Leaving out 4K and a second card slot on the 6D mk2) , but in the case of the 7D - the flagship model in its APS-C lineup . The addition of 4K is probably going to happen as its direct rival - the D500 also features it (But we don't expect to see C Log) .

The 7D MK3 is also said to feature illuminated buttons , this is a plus point as the 7D user base are mostly photographing away from well lit studio environments . A recent patent by Canon backs this up and the design speaks of a internal gasket design with each button illuminated by a single LED .

via - DPreview

Rumors aside , the launch of a. 7D MK3 will surely put Canon back in the sports and wildlife game as it will go toe to toe with Nikon (and even Sony) . The Advanced video features may also appeal to video makers if they do a good job with 4K , Dual Pixel AF and most importantly - a flat color profile .(But of course , Magic lantern might save the day with that) .

Canon is rumored to launch the 7D MKIII in March 2018 and we will post all upcoming details as soon as they are available .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

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