Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Olympus Eyetrek EL-10

Hopes were high when Google and many other companies tried their hand with smart-glasses , the technology ,which revolved around displaying data and recording video and photos via a built in camera was initially promoted as a cool-hip way to connect yourself online , but it was also seen as a cause for concern in a world that was taking privacy seriously . Although popularity and even sales of these wearables are virtually non existent (and it eventually paved the way for VR headsets), it has not stopped some companies from trying their hand , and now the latest member to join the club is Olympus with its Eyetrek camera system.

Armed with The power of Android , the Olympus system features a 2.4MP camera . The camera sits as an attachment to standard spectacles and it features a tiny heads up display with a 640x400 resolution OLED panel and is semi transparent . The touch and control unit , which is set onto the side (like Google Glass) features an internal battery(with a rated battery life of 1 hr)  and a Micro USB outlet for charging along with Wifi and Bluetooth for syncing to other devices.

With focus set for on site  work environments , Olympus hopes that its new smartglass unit will appeal to clients as its Open source structure permits the development of custom (work related) apps . The unit , which is available for retail  at $1500 is a bit steep for general users , but companies may pony up the cost (and  they usually order multiple units in one go ). But if you are curious , the retail  $1500 package will get you a pair of safety glasses , an additional battery of a bigger capacity and a wall charger and of course , the Eyetrek EL-10 unit as well .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - dpreview

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