Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Panasonic GH5s - Is Panasonic working on a low light monster ?

Panasonic is on a roll with its Micro Four thirds cameras recently . The GH5 , launched as their flagship mirrorless camera quickly became the darling of video shooters all over the world . But Panasonic ,who decided to cash in on the GH5's success ,launched the photo oriented LUMIX G9 last month . The new G9 basically had almost the same features as the GH5 , but was designed to be more of a rugged nature camera (following the likes of the Olympus OMD EM1 II) . But with competition increasing - especially from Sony's Alpha division , the company is now rumored to announce one more hit this year - the rumored GH5s.

The GH5s , another camera based on the GH5 chassis , is rumored to be the first micro four thirds camera designed for extreme low light . not much is known about the camera body, but it is said to feature Panasonic's new signature red ring on the mode dial to set it apart from the regular GH5 (apparently 43rumors published an article with a photo of what appears to be a GH5s being used by Casey Neistat ) .

The sensor , rumored to be made by Sony , is said to incorporate a 10.7mp CMOS sensor with Sony's STARVIS back illumination technology . The  IMX294CJK sensor is capable of delivering stunning low light video (close to A7s levels maybe) in Cinema 4K or UHD 4K at 120fps . The camera is also said to have improved HDR video thanks to its Quad Bayer HDR coding resulting in minimal artefacts.  The GH5s therefore will have half the megapixels of the current GH5 , but considering that most ultra low light cameras have fewer ,larger pixels , the 10 MP count will certainly be a positive for the camera (if you don't plan on taking photos that is ) , and as for autofocus , the GH5s will certainly improve on the original (just like the G9) . Not much is known about the GH5s yet , but rumors do speculate that this camera will be announced on the 15th of December (And it is rumored to be more expensive than the current GH5 ($2500 maybe?) .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - 43rumors , MLZphoto

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