Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Panasonic Lumix G9 is official

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Panasonic has officially announced their  much rumored Lumix G9 camera . The G9 ,  a successor to the Lumix G series , departs from Panasonic's Video priority Micro four thirds systems and thus is their first Professional grade system designed with  Photography work in mind  . The system , based on the GH5  and related to the closely matched Olympus EM1 MkII , is designed for landscape and sport shooters who may benefit from the Micro 4/3 sensor as it allows a 2x reach on full frame lenses and still compensate for camera shake thanks to IBIS (In built image stability) on the sensor .



The camera ,as stated previously , is sort of a GH5 in a DSLR like body . The body of the camera is weather resistant - offering water , dust ,and freeze protection upto -10 degrees - a feature exclusive only to the related EM1II and the GH5 , makes this an appealing choice for wildlife and nature photographers who might want to take their cameras to the extremes . The body is made up of magnesium and features rubber and composite seals for the said weather resistance . The body , for the first time since the late Samsung NX1 , features a top mounted LCD to quickly view your setting (kind of like a DSLR body) .

The body of the G9 features dual SD UHS2 compatible card slots , a headphone and mic jack ,USB C 3.0 , a HDMI port and a pin socket for a grip battery . The camera also has Bluetooth and
wifi functionality .


The sensor on the G9 is similar to the one on the EM Mkii and the GH5 and it has the same resolution of 20.3 MP as well , the Lumix G9 sensor has no optical low pass filter OLPF which filters out reduces sharpness for the lack of moire .

The sensor features 5 Axis image stability (IBIS) on the sensor and it also can support 2 axis image stabilization on lenses with stabilization. This allows it to have a 6.5 stop advantage over an equivalent camera without IBIS  . Autofocus on the G9 is said to be improved over previous Panasonic cameras although it still has a similar  DFD - AF from the GH5 . The camera supports a native ISO range of 100-25600 .

Shutter speeds on the G9 are said to be from 1/8000 to 30s(with a 30 minute bulb mode)  , the camera has no external pop up flash but has a standard hotshoe mount for connecting external speedlights if need be , the camera does feature an AF assist lamp . Buffer speed on the G9 is said to be 20fps (in Autofocus Continuous) and 60fps in AF-L (locked).

Apart from the IBIS , the headphone and mic combo , the G9 features 4K video recording (60fps) and in a  150mbps bitrate  with a 16:9 aspect ratio. These features does make the G9 a good video option over G series cameras , but it still lacks some of the professional options of Panasonic's GH5 .


The G9 features a 3" capacitive touch display on a rotating joint (swivel) . The display has a 1.04m dot resolution and the 3.68m dot OLED evf has a magnification of 0.83x and 100% viewfinder coverage . There is also a monochrome top view Matrix LCD for quick settings


The Lumix G9 is said to be available for  $1697($1700 )    Body Only , or $2700 with the DG 12-60mm kit lens . Optional accessories include a grip - BGG9 which costs $349 . Separate 1800 mAh batteries BLF 19 cells cost $69 .

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