Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Reflex 1 Modular SLR

Reflex - a Kickstarter group has announced their first modular 35mm film camera - the Reflex 1 . The camera , which features a classic SLR look and a plethora of classic lens mounting options via the Reflex L plate (M42 , Nikon F , Canon FD , Pentax PK and Olympus OM)  accepts 135 film to the Reflex L back . Featuring a classic SLR look and manual controls (including Manual rewinding ,manual exposure, and even a inverted DOF button ), the camera brings back a long lost art into the 21st century . The camera features USB -C for charging , a LED "AF assist/beauty lamp" (next to the flash) and a Bluetooth chip to transmit metadata to your connected phone via the Reflex App , this camera is certainly the most up-to date film camera yet .

Rest of the camera features the following specs

Camera Specifications:
Type: Single Lens Reflex Camera
Format: 135 film, 35mm/FF
System: Reflex RM
Lens Mount: Reflex I-Plate (in M42, Nikon F, Canon FD, Olympus OM, Pentax PK)
Focus: Manual
Film Loading: Reflex I-Back
Film Advance/Rewind: Manual
Exposure: Manual - Aperture Priority (+ 4 stops EV)
DOF inverted preview
Shutter Speeds: 1s - 1/4000th, Time and Bulb
Metering: AV + Spot + 4 stops EV (LED readout)
ISO: 25-6400
Controller: Arduino based modular design
Connectivity: Bluetooth (BLE) enabled
Body: Magnesium Alloy
Weight: 490g
Dimensions: 134mm x 74.5mm x 34mm
Electronic system: 5v Ion Lithium rechargeable via USB-C
Resolution: Zero Megapixels

Therefore if you like to pledge your support and get your own Reflex 1 , you can do so by clicking here. The camera is expected to cost GBP 350 / $458 (you can also donate according to set packages starting from GBP 1 - GBP 2500 for a "Pimped out" version with gold plates on the mount mantle and the back plate .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

source - dpreview

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