Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Yashica Y35 Digifilm hits Indiegogo .. hits $1.2m on Kickstarter

Yashica basically trolled the photographic community with the announcement of its Y35 Digital film style camera back in October . The camera , which many photographers expected to be a 35mm film camera (according to hype) was actually revealed to be a digital camera with programmable film reels  (reels designed to look like film) which give the retro effect by allowing shutter speed and ISO controls based on the type of "reel" you purchase .

 While all this sounds like something fun (and expensive in a age where you can manually restrict yourself with the ISO and shutter speed) , the whole program did end up generating way more than what any of the naysayers had in mind . At present , the Kickstarter crowdfunding program has generated a whopping $1.27 million  (keep in mind that the retail on one of these Digital film cameras cost $142 ) and now the project is said to be on the funding page Indiegogo as well .

Of course , with all that funding , Yashica has decided to go the extra mile and make some improvements to the original camera . The digital sensor , originally planned to be a 1/3.2" sensor has been replaced with a 1/2.5" model (same as the ones found on current flagship smartphones ) . The sensor is backed up by a fixed 35mm f2.0 lens with 4 elements replacing the previous 35mm f2.8 one .

Black and white ISO400 "digiFilm" 

6x6 ISO200 digiFilm 
special "filter" digiFilm

special "filter" digiFilm
The shutter speeds however are still the same , you can select between 1s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/250s, 1/500s . The camera's ISO levels will depend on the type of "digiFilm" you use - for example a HighSpeed canister will give you the ability of shooting at iso 1600 while iso 400 and iso 200 film options are also available . There is also said to be a 6x6 "instagram" style format and even a black and white digiFilm available as well . The pictures are stored on a separate SD card and therefore the digifilms are mostly just there to limit your options which digital users take for granted (limiting yourself produces good results - that is if you know the basics) . The whole camera is powered by 2x AA batteries .

You can still donate to the Y35 program by clicking their Kickstarter or Indiegogo pages listed below



Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - DPreview

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