Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Panasonic GH5s - Panasonic's new Low light monster

via - Panasonic CES 2018 press kit
Panasonic is basically on a roll with their Lumix Mirrorless cameras . The newly Announced G9 -
a photo centric version of the highly praised GH5 pushed the envelope for Micro 4/3 by bringing
both a highly capable photo and video option to go toe to toe with it’s larger sensor peers , but
apparently Panasonic is still not done with the GH5 chassis yet , so after a few leaks and some
blurred photographs , the GH5s - Panasonic’s low light video centric camera is finally official .
The GH5s at first glance looks just like its standard (GH5) brother , the chassis has a few minor
tweaks including the red ring (from the G9) and the Red letter S plus a large red record button
indicating that this is for solely for “video work” . The rest of the chassis specs (Dual SD card
slots , USB C , the same dust ,splash and freezeproof sealing.) includes the same Vari-angle
touch screen , the same mode dial and the same 3.68million dot OLED viewfinder with 100%
viewfinder coverage , but the similarities end here as the GH5s internals are the first of its kind .
The new sensor , designed for ultra low light situations is a first for Micro 4/3’s as it features a  12.5 MP - a lower value than the 20.3MP found on the G9 and GH5 allows the GH5s to excel in low light as it has a new Dual Native ISO readout circuits which allows the user to
select between having a high dynamic range at lower ISO’s and lower dynamic range with
better noise reduction if you want to reach higher sensitivities ,the fewer-larger pixels of the
GH5s also helps to its advantage .

The GH5s also has a -5EV AF - a value better than the -4
EV found on the Standard model .The GH5s also has a TC In/Out / Synchro Terminal .

The rest of the sensor spec’s include the ability to shoot ISO 80-204800 or (160-51200 without
boosting ) the sensor also has a electronic shutter capable of 1/16000th of a second and 1/8000
mechanical shutter with 12fps . The video capabilities of the GH5s are second to none as the
model shoots internal 10bit 4.2.0 DCI 4k (4096x2060) in 60fps with a small crop (s35 “look”)
making the sensor read 10.23MP (it also shoots 10bit 4.2.2 in 24fps) . The equivalent GH5 on
the other hand shoots DCI 4K at 24p . The GH5s , just like its bigger brother , shoots UHD 4K at
60fps as well (Full readout) and FHD at 240fps max .The only omission is IBIS and therefore the GH5s only has the Lens IS.

Sound’s mouthwatering eh? Well get ready to churn out $2499 (Body only) and this includes a
copy of Panasonic’s V-LOG and REC 709 LUT as well . Shipping will start after the second of
February .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - dpreview
Preorder link - Bhphotovideo

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