Monday, February 26, 2018

Canon 470EX-AI - Canon announces a new speed light that can literally turn heads

Canon has officially announced a speedlight with brains – the new Canon 470EX-AI . The new speedlight , designed for both beginners and professionals , determines the distance to the subject and the ceiling by measuring reading based on a pre flash , then based upon the reading , the flash will automatically reposition itself to the best suitable position for bounce flash .

The flash also has a orientation sensor which can detect whether the user has shifted from portrait to landscape orientation , once the orientation of the camera is changed , all the user has to do is double tap the shutter button to allow the flash to position itself to its previous bounce setting . The flash also has a memory setting where you can automatically set the flash to a pre-set position set manually . The flash also supports manual override so if you want to bounce it manually , all you have to do it turn the head .

The flash , which is expected to go on sale for $400 (in April 2018) has a guide number of 47 and provides coverage from 14mm /24-105mm . The flash unit does not feature a radio receiver , but it can be triggered optically .

Written By Rakitha for MasHD

Source - DPreview

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