Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sony A7III.

Sony has been on a roll recently , the A9 , launched as a Nikon D5/Canon 1DX rival has so far been the darling of many reviewers and professionals alike , and on the other hand , we have the recently announced Sony A7RIII which has also been making headlines as it changed the playing field which otherwise would have been mostly a duopoly between the Nikon D850 and the Canon 5DMk4 .

With Mirrorless sales slowing chipping off DSLR sales ,its quite evident that Sony will release more Full frame cameras in time to come , the rumor mill , which so far consisted of only the upcoming A7SIII suddenly went into overdrive as news of a successor to the "Basic model" A7II were leaked , the camera ,which was initially thought to be a watered down version of the A9- with one SD slot and no rear joystick are all "fake news" as they are all present in the new A7III.

The camera , designed around a new 24MP - Full frame BSI image sensor with 5 Axis IBIS image stability ,features 693 AF points and 425 contrast detection points , this provides 93% coverage which means that users can select an AF point far away from the usual AF grid found on competing DSLR cameras . The AF options include eye AF as well as continuous AF when shooting at 10fps (similar to the A7RIII) . The rear joystick , which has been a staple for professionals is also present on the new A7III as it allows for faster input on manual AF selection .The ISO range is 100-51200 and it can be boosted to ISO 50 – 204800.

The buffer of the new A7II is said to be 177 JPEG and 89 compressed RAW or 40 uncompressed RAW , the Bionz X image processor , which does the heavy lifting on the A7III , is capable of writing to either one of the 2x SD card slots (but keep in mind that only one of the two are UHSII so users can opt to write RAW images to that instead) .The camera supports USB 3.1 tethering and it can also charge via USB C .

Rest of the specs include the ability to shoot 4K@30/24fps (6k downsampled) with a hybrid log gamma mode . The A7III has  S-LOG2 and S-LOG 3 profiles and with the improved 15 stops of dynamic range , users can expect more detail from shadows which were not present with the previous model .

The 3" rear Tilt only display , which has a 921k dot resolution is also touch friendly , so you can use it to set an autofocus point with , or use it to rack focus in video . The EVF on the camera features a 2.3M dot resolution and 100% viewfinder coverage (plus a 0.71x magnification , higher than the previous model) .

Battery life is quoted as 710 shots per charge (on the LCD) - impressive ,considering that mirrorless cameras just a year back sometimes had only half that capacity . The secret behind the battery life is the new NP-FZ100 Z series battery which has been brought forward from the more expensive models .

Overall the A7III aims to be the middle ground - entry level option for those who are starting out their careers as wedding or event photographers (or ones who can't pony up for the more expensive models) the segment , which has currently been dominated by Canon's 6D ,6D Mk2 and the Nikon D750 would now have to compete against the new A7III directly , and as far as specifications and pricing goes , its clearly evident that cameras like the under -spec'ed 6D Mk2 will be a hard sale for new customers who are not invested in any system yet .

The Sony A7III will be priced at $2000 body only , or $2200 with the FE 28‑70 mm F3.5‑5.6 kit lens .The camera will ship in April 2018 .

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Source - dpreview


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