Friday, March 30, 2018

GoPro Hero - GoPro's most "affordable" action camera yet!

GoPro has officially announced the GoPro Hero 2018, the new model , designed to replace the Hero Session line of cameras, offer a Hero 5/6 chassis and an affordable $200 price tag.

The camera, designed around a GoPro Hero 5 /6 chassis, offers water resistance out of the box with no added casing - a major selling point as no special accessories will be required to make it waterproof. The camera also features compatibility with existing GoPro Hero 5/6 accessories as well as the ability to use GoPro Hero 5 batteries -making the camera a great backup for someone who already owns a flagship GoPro camera . The rear features a touchscreen display and this is same as the one found on the flagship models. The Hero 2018 also features support for GoPRo's voice commands and Quik stories (Automatic video rendering).

The similarities with the Hero 5 and 6 end when we take a look under the hood as the new Hero features an older generation 10MP sensor with  1440p at 60fps or 1080p recording(60fps) - Probably from the days of the Hero 4 , the upside is that the camera does feature Electronic image stabilization, but at the same time GoPro has removed their "Protune" manual menu option from the Hero - which is probably a deal-breaker for professionals who would like to get more creative with what they shoot . Also left out of the GoPro Hero is the support for external microphones which is another feature many would have liked.

Overall the GoPro Hero appears to be a good addition to the current Hero lineup, the new model , which is a far cry from the original Hero launched many years prior is certainly worth the money , but with  prices fluctuating,  chances are that GoPro might eventually knock at least $50 off by the end of the year. And so if you can wait, the Hero 2018 can be had for less, making it a good deal if you want a reliable and waterproof (out of the box) action camera experience without burning $300-400.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD.

Press Release - GoPro

Source - Digital Trends

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