Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Apple iPad 2018

Apple has officially announced the new (new) iPad 2018. The new iPad , which is also known as the 6th generation iPad (Not counting the iPad Air and Pro tablets) was announced at a special Education themed event in Chicago (Mar 27)

The tablet , which is quite similar to last year's iPad 2017 model , features an attractive $329 (same as last year) price which can drop to $299 for schools and education institutes, the tablet , aimed at students , also features support for the Apple Pencil stylus .

Under the hood , the tablet features the Apple A10 Fusion chip - the same as the one found on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the RAM on board is 2GB and the tablet can be bought in 32GB or 128GB variants . There is also an option for LTE which costs an extra $100 per storage variant .

The front glass plane of the iPad 2018 features the front facing iSight camera with 1.2MP resolution and has 720p video, the camera also features Retina Flash which when triggered , uses the display to "fire" light onto the subjects face. The rear camera features a 8MP sensor and can record 1080p video unto 120 fps in HD .

The 2048x1536 Retina display of the new iPad is the same as the one found on the iPad Air 1st gen and therefore it is not laminated as the one found on the iPad Air 2 , although this introduces a bit more glare and less vibrancy, it is certainly does help if the tablet ever falls down on its jelly side as replacing the front glass is separate from the LCD , leading to only the glass being replaced , which is cheaper to manufacture and easy on the wallet for common users.

Overall the iPad 2018 feels more of an incremental update over the previous generation , but if you were planning to buy a iPad Pro model for just the stylus and don't care about the display, you may want to take a look at the  new (new) iPad .

Apart from the discounted $299 price for students, Apple also plans to sell the Apple Pencil for $89 which is $10 less than the standard retail price.

Third party manufacturers are also hopping onboard the new iPad education mission and are said to be offering a "educators only" stylus called the Crayon which is $49 and is made by Logitec, Logi also has a Rugged combo- Keyboard case for the iPad 2018 as well.

Written by Rakitha for MasHD

Press Release - Apple

Source - the verge

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